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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
I have to agree with ancientgirl. There are many in our neighbourhood as well. I approached the girl nicely and told her that I am glad I found the owners since I was going to trap them. She gasped and then brought them indoors. We remain cordial with one another.

Since such time I have seen one outside. He was left behind and she kindly took over his care....but is still allowed to roam. If I contact our animal control here - they will pick them up and they will be killed. I opt not to do anything about this situation. Other neighbours are complaining however I twisted it to say that at least he is catching the mice that could have found their way into their homes.. Now everyone is hush.

Not that this will help you at all but just to let you know that it really is not the cats fault.
I think the issue is that they are starting to destroy my yard, and THAT makes me mad. We've been dealing with these same two cats for two years now, trying to just 'live with it' (and my constant reminders to DH that it's not the cats fault, it's not the cats fault) but DH just saw the fence posts on the weekend and it really unnerved me.
I guess I want to see these people actually CARE a little bit, instead of just smiling and nodding whenever we talk to them. Care that your cats are howling outside our windows at 2 in the morning, and care that there is potting soil all over our back deck because the cats use it for their washroom, and care that my stuff in my yard is now being used as scratching posts!!!

I know that sounds harsh, but I am my wits end. Which is why I'm posting this because I don't want anything bad to happen to the cats, but I need to have suggestions as to how I can prevent this from being a problem for my family.
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