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Pepper had her first major outing today, since her surgery. She has tired very easily until the last week or so, probably because of the anemia she had from the blood loss during her surgery. Today we took her for pictures with Santa sponsored by the Durham Humane Society and she was running like she used to before the Lipoma got so big it interfered with her walking. She pulled all the way through Vandemeer's Nursery running up to people and dogs to sniff them. She smiled almost continually while we were there.

Then we took her to Petsmart to look for a new T-shirt and some presents from Santa for both Pepper and the cats. She ran around Petsmart and tried to play with a GR puppy and her mate an adult black lab in the store. We had trouble getting them separated during play time. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a T-shirt that she was the least bit interested in, so I bought her a new bed to sleep on and a foot long soft vinyl squeeky turkey to play with. She will also have her treats from Santa but I cut back on them this year in hopes that her creatinine will be lower when we take her in January for her check-up. It was really thrilling to see her so happy and energetic for the entire afternoon out. I guess it is now time to increase the length of her walks to more than a block.

This afternoon I knew that the surgery was more than worth it for her because she is enjoying her freedom now that it's gone and obviously healed. There is still a small pouch of skin hanging down behind her right front leg but I know now that it is only extra skin left after the Lipoma removal and may well disappear in the next few months. She will be 12 years old at the end of January and I believe we may have several more years with her.

She is still enjoying her homemade diet of ground beef or chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach, rice soaked in gravy, eggs, egg whites and egg shells and I have recently added oatmeal to the mix to reduce the amount of meat/protein that she is getting.

I thought I'd bring everyone up-to-date on her progress because everyone has been wonderful throughout her illness
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