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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Welcome to the forum Raphael.

Do you have a preferred location that you want to move to? If you can indicate that information it would help members to advise you.

For instance, here in Ontario, there are laws against discrimination on pets in rental units. Some landlords have found ways to circumvent the bylaw.

The province of Ontario has a bylaw against owning a pit bull. There could be exemptions for someone re-locating from another province or out of country.

Depending on where you are anticipating moving to, it would be wise to check into bylaws regarding your particular animal.

Best of luck with your endeavours.
Yes, I'm moving to Toronto, the company that I intend to work is located at York Region, so it could be something as 30 miles far at tops.

Yes, I've seen that, but there are not laws against rottweilers. There is just a fee for large dogs, something like this..
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