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It does look like there are none in the city of Quebec. However the link provided above spoke of preparing our own food. It seemed rather complex and I can just imagine the look on my vets face if I ask her about this. They really are in the business of making money. They will stand by the food they sell.

Example: the vet calls with the results of my cats tests. I ask if she has been tested for certain cat disease. She has been an indoor cat for over 11 years now. The vet starts saying no that was not the nature of what we took blood for but bring her in and we will do those tests... So I have to dig, ask questions to find out she has no symptoms of any of those disease and she would present symptoms by now. She seems embarrassed to have proposed all the costly testing for nothing.

I ask her what high cholesterol could be caused by. Then when she says that pancreatic problems (pancreotite it sounded like she said) caused tummy aches. I ask "so you think she has that" because she is proposing further costly testing. "No, she would be vomiting ect" basically has none of those symptoms either. I have to ask her to be precise about how high just above 9 is. It's actually not that bad she has to admit, just slightly above.

It makes me feel so insecure. I am not an atm machine. I just want to know what's wrong with my cat. Basically I think by finding her intestines full from one end to the other (all intestines visible usually you dont see them all on x rays) and all those huge bubbles of gas the size of golf balls (when considering the fact that the x-rays are bigger than the actual cat and extrapolating) I can imagine her tummy did hurt.

She is acting perfectly normal since a few doses of lactulose as the vet suggested to do. Basically the vet is ready to do any costly tests and then when questioned admits they are not really necessary.

The other vet I had before was a bit more ethical however they ruined my cats hip during a procedure and gave the excuse that it's hard so they have to grab his legs. He has limped ever since his first hospitalization. They themselves were surprised at how nice his bones looked on x-rays at 13 years old. I was surprised when the vet commented on this as my own cats are all I know. I myself did not know that his state was surprising, as far as his bones go. They did save his life and we were so overjoyed that we did not complain but went elsewhere for the next procedure. The vet herself had a great character but many of these procedures are done by assistants. I have seen exploratory surgery that goes into a joint to see why the animal limps on tv. I know that they caused the limping but have no recourse against them. Had they been a bit rougher knowing he had a good bone structure, he is still almost 14 years old?

His limp became much less pronounced over this last year till you probably would not notice now not knowing him. I still feel really bad when I have to bring him back. He was hospitalized a second time at the new vet for growling in the litter box. I can't take any chances we love him too much.

Sorry the post is long. I really think if nobody sells the food closer to home I will have to resort to making food. However reading the info I don't know if I would be at ease grinding bone into the food. They did speak of alternatives to this. I guess I have to find all the right vitamins and also I don't think I could feed my cats raw because my daughter has a degree in microbiology. After knowing so much about bacteria, I don't think I could bring myself to give it to them raw. I still need to do something to prolong their lives as much as possible.

I appreciate the links and will probably read and re read any posted. Thanks in advance. Hopefully I can find a way to make my own food.
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