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Well, the frogs are still unavaible, but there have been some additions to my tank.
They are called Daisy's ricefish after the lady who discovered them, and will get more color as they get older. The males will be blue with red fins and the females will be yellow with red fins. There were supposed to by 2 males and 2 females, but I ended up with one female and 3 males. I will probably take a male back and trade for a female so my one female has company. I have woken up twice since I got her to find her with eggs. The rice fish are the ones without black triangles on their sides.
Also, by betta has been building a bubble nest. Unfortunately I disturbed his big version when I changed the water and the bubbles broke, but he has started a new one. The shiny silver things on the bottom of the leaf are bubbles blown and collected by the betta.
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