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I'm so sorry to read that your pup is so poorly, I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

Just wanted to say that one of my dogs had an intestinal blockage removed approx 6 weeks ago, he had eaten one of my other dogs leather collar and was vomiting........... he was very ill.......... the vet removed 13 inches of collar from his intestines.......after the op we brought him home as our vet thought that he would recover faster at home with us....... but we couldn't get him to eat or drink. In desperation I force fed him water from a syringe.......we still couldn't get him to eat though even if it was liquidised in a blender so again in desperation I gave him some scrambled egg which he ate after a lot of coaxing.

He did vomit a couple of times but after a couple of meals he managed to keep his food down.

Recovery was slow at first but once he started eating properly he got well again...... I hope with all my heart that this will be the case with your dog too.

Kim xxx
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