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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Lili had a very exciting day today. She had her very first CTE (Close Toad Encounter) and experienced her first toad-foaming incident. By the time I realized what was going on, she looked like she was lathered up for shaving...or maybe just rabid! I thought she was a smart pup, but she kept going back to see if the toad tasted as bad second time around. Finally had to drag her off into a different yard. (Mr Toad was in good health and looking mighty smug when I checked on him later.)

She also helped me invent a new yoga position. It's called Dog Under Table. In case you don't know what Table is, you sit on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent, hands on the floor behind you. You elevate your butt off the floor to form the Table. Well, my routine called for four short Table postures, but as I got into the first one, Lili crawled under me. Couldn't get up; couldn't put my butt down... Finally had to crab-walk my feet off to the side until I had clearance to sit back down. My arms were feeling like rubber by then. Lili was very pleased with herself for helping Ma get the most out of her yoga routine and had no idea how close she came to getting squished!!

She helped with the rest of the workout, too--for the sitting exercises, she sat right next to me, staring into my face with her nose 2 inches from mine. It cracked me up so bad I couldn't breathe correctly, so I had to close my eyes to stop laughing. Then there were a couple of exercise done lying down that, courtesy of Lili, incorporated face washings, a foot washing, and one spitty arm!

I think I may have to crate her during my next workout!
I would love to seen that hazel ! You got a good workout! Lili sounds like a real character!
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