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hmmm I didn't hear anything, but I'll search...

Ok, I found one message board with stuff about Merrick buying mad cows and having plastic in their canned foods. I sent Merrick an email for an explanation. I can believe that staples and plastic get into foods (I found stuff in Milk Bones, and they have crazy quality control), accidents happen. But it sucks that the guy who originally posted this didn't put any references. Where did he get the info? I can't believe him 100% without proof.

I feed a tiny bit of the canned, and I really mix it in their food, so I would see if there was anything mixed in there, and I haven't so far. Of course somebody who feeds three cans a day and goes through a thousand cans a year might find one or two cans that are not-so-great. Maybe my standards are low, but I have had that happen with sooo many human products that I'm just not that surprised.
Here's the site with the post on Merrick (further down the person who found the plastic posts too). I'll let you know what Merrick says...

Thanks for the heads up BoxerRescueMTL.

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