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Originally Posted by maneater View Post
I buy the blankets and the water bowls. My dogs are hard on chewy things to trust dollar store stuff. I dont buy my cats toys because again the dogs eat them. the stainless bows are great! I have at least 10 of them, keep a set in the car, a few outside in different spots. I also buy pillow cases their to cover my dogs bed. I know this sounds crazy but my chihuahuas have a bed and it is easier to cover it in a pillow case and then take the pillow case off and wash it every other day then it is to wash the whole bed. I wash all the beds once a week. but i change the pillow cases a few time a week. keeps the hair in check.
You know, I never thought of pillowcases for the pet beds. I wash the fleece blankets every couple of days and the entire bed coverings every week.....I have 6 beds around the house and using pillow cases, especially flannel is a great idea. Doubt Dollarama would have flannel, but even if I have to pay more, I am sure flannel cases will out last in the long run. I already have a couple that came with a flannel sheet set that I don't use because I prefer percale for cases, even with flannel sheets.
Thanks for the idea Maneater.
I don't use the stainless bowls on a regular basis because I find them a bit too small for my giant sized kitties, but have a couple for feeding the strays outside. Less chance of damage and clean alot better.
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