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Dollar Store Pet Supplies

It seems to be ever cheaper to entertain and equip your pet! Although I was pretty peeved when Dollarama started putting in items over a dollars (they said it was all new items but some weren't) they have been getting in some nice pet gear lately. Seen lots of new dogs toys such as
- chuck-it style dog launcher and ball
- 4 pack of biodegradable dog bag rolls
- containers of cat jingle bells
- dog harness/leash
- collar/leash sets
- Freeze dried liver snacks ($6 in other stores)
- Dog dental chews
- large stainless steel bowls
- padded collars and leashes
- nylabone style chews

list goes on, most stuff is not ideal for serious chewers/pullers/ destroyers/l large dogs, most cat toys are probably applicable.

Sometimes I love the dollarstore
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