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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
I know I won't be popular if I don't say how cute is that behaviour, but that behaviour is only seen here when my cattle dog is stressing out, wanting to get at my sheep but separated by a fence. He will pick up a Kong, chew the heck out of it and shake his head, spin in circles etc.. So, it may be worry over the crying that is making your dog do that. Harmless? I really hope so.
You need to see that the only toys he can pick up and shake are totally harmless ones too. My sister's GSD was shaking a tug rop which hit her sheltie pup in the side of the head and literally killed it. They had to revive it on the way to the vet. The result is that the sheltie had a fractured skull and is partly blind. Worries me that the baby is at the same level as the dog and of course I totally agree with Dog Dancer that it should never be left alone with the baby. With something that precious one should never have a "it won't happen to us" attitude, I am sure that woman whose poor baby got killed by the huskies thought she could trust them.
I am very glad that you pointed this out Goldfields as the shaking the toy worries me alittle. Also, the baby should not be at the same level on the ground as the dog.

It is possible that this is harmless, but better safe than sorry. Dogs react to certain sounds and as your dog is using a toy he is redirecting (on his own which is fascinating) his attention.

I am sure that you know your dog well and that everything is fine, but I would be really watching the behaviour as all this is new to your dog.
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