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How to stop a cat from peeing when scared?

Forest's peeing when scared has escalated to the point I can't even walk near him without him peeing.

He used to pee when we scruffed him, we stopped that b/c of the health issue associated with it and b/c it would trigger him to pee.

Last night, I heard a noise when I was reading in bed. I went out to check what was going on and saw Forest running away from where Gizzy was. They prolly were playing and knocked something over. I wasn't yelling, just checking around, and I walked a little closer to Forest and he runs away leaving a puddle of pee on the floor! (he had also went to the bathroom 10 mins before the noise happened so why wasn't he empty?) As I am getting the paper towels to sop up the pee he runs around the freezer to go under the couch in the drawer that pulls out in the middle, I step in his other puddle of pee that he left trailing. In BARE feet no less ! This is when I really yelled, causing my bf to wake up and come out to see what the problem is.

What do I do?? I can't even walk near him after he knows he has caused noises that he knows I will investigate?! I wear slippers if I'm not wearing socks, but I thought this would be a quick trip to the living room and didn't put on my slippers.

Any advice would be great on how to break this habit!
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