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Thank you Rainbow, BenMax and Dr. Lee,

The growth is just above her nose so even if the vet knew it was a MCT I am sure she would not have been able to remove the 2-3cm of tissue it sounds like they recommend taking.

I just wish I could go back in time and have it removed earlier but I suppose that may have not changed much if the biopsy was still inconclusive.

Dr. Lee - do you know if we are in a worse state now that the tumor has been disturbed than if we had just left it?

This was a tumor that has grown very slowly over a year - it was about 8-9mm when it was recently removed. I have read that ones that grow very slowly may be more benign than the ones that come on more aggressively.

I will have to talk to the vet more about the pathology report but I imagine the margins of the tumor are "dirty" as it was removed with no extra tissue.

I just hope that in aggravating it with the surgery that this does not make it more aggressive or somehow cause it to spread.

Our dog was not having any symptoms of allergic reaction before the operation so that is why it worries me that the surgery has now set off more problems.

We have no kids so our two dogs are our children. It will soon be the 10 year anniversary of our marriage as well as our "marriage" to her as we adopted her around the same time 10 years ago. This picture is one of my favorites of her and myself - taken just last month - we have a very special bond. It hurts to realize that they are getting older and I am finding it difficult to accept the changes in their health. I just hope that I can find it in myself to not stress and remain positive for them.
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