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Mast cell tumor

Our 10 year old husky cross had a small lump removed from her nose last week. A week after the surgery she started having an allergic reaction with facial swelling and hives. She was injected with steroids/benadryl and the reaction subsided but returned so she is now on benadryl every 8 hours.

Today we have found out that the lump was a mast cell tumor (intermediate grade) - we tried to have it biopsied before the surgery but the results were inconclusive so it was just removed with no extra tissue removed around it - which apparently you should do if you know it is a mast cell tumor.

These results also explain why she has had an immune response as the tumor or remaining cells produce histamine.

We haven't discussed these results with our vet - she will be back from holidays in a few days - but what I have read really worries me.

Last year, our other dog was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her leg and we had it removed only to find that the pathologist was mistaken when he looked at the biopsied cells and it was just a benign fibroid so I have been trying to not worry so much about lumps and bumps - only to find out these results.

Just thought I'd see if there are any others here who have experienced this type of tumor?

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