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Originally Posted by Spatx View Post
Pam Casselman is her name, don't know if you know her or not
I'm familiar with the name, I'm not sure if I've met her or seen her or maybe just read the name in race results, or maybe even somewhere else (herding, disc etc.)

I've started my pups lightly anywhere from 8 months and up, depending on the time of year and the weather. Rain's my smallest at about 40-45 pounds, but she was around 8-9 months when I started her. I can't remember what she weighed at the time, but it was probably around 30-35 pounds. The harness she wore then is too tight on her now but it's a good fit on Dru who weighed in at the vets on Monday at 35 pounds. As for how much more Nova may grow it's hard to say, but at 10 months she'll definitely still have some filling out to do. I remember ordering Lightning's harness at 11 months of age, he weighed 52 pounds at the time. He's now around 61 pounds of lean hard muscle with no extra fat. He's been up to around 64 or so when he wasn't running as much, but I changed his diet and began bringing him back into condition in the fall and he's pretty much in perfect shape now. I switched from feeding a large breed adult food to a smaller amount of a high energy food. They're getting a higher fat content now but they're burning it off working and they've all trimmed off some extra summer flab and are looking good. I weighed Flurry this week at the vet's too and he is 58 pounds of nothing but bone and muscle. I've been actually feeding him extra to get him to gain a bit, he's only 14 months old and still filling out. He went through a very boney looking phase but he's gained back just enough to not look too thin now.

Originally Posted by Smiley14 View Post
Oh, that is such a great pic! I would LOVE to see you in action someday!
Maybe if you're ever up this way to watch some races. I don't think I'll be at any in the US, I don't travel more than a couple of hours away from home. It's too hard with the livestock and other dogs at home to look after, plus my dogs are "sled pets", they're spoiled housedogs that sleep on and around my bed, not outside in houses or a dogbox. I haven't so far come across any accommodations that A: would accept 4 or more dogs or B: is within my budget. Most of the other mushers just need to find a place for themselves to stay, their dogs are all nice and snug in their boxes since they're used to living outside.
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