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The best thing to do is train your dog to one spot only. Takes time and you leading your dog out to the proper spot every day every time he/she has to go, but they get the hang of it. Weeping gravel or "pee" gravel as some people like to call it can be spread out around a dogs favorite tree or spot and dogs don't mind it at all. It soaks up and evaporates the urine. If your dog knows it's only supposed to go on weeping gravel - a lot like paper training when they're puppies - you'll find they lose interest in doing their constitutionals on the lawn.

Also, most dogs hate the taste and smell of pickle juice or dill. Try sprinkling some dry dill in places where you don't want the dog to go. Some people use cayne pepper, but I wouldn't want to get that in the dogs eyes. Also non-spayed females burn grass the worst. When you fix your lawn remember you're going to have to really dig and turn the spot where a female has gone - they're better than weed killer (smirk).

Hope that helps

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