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Nope, Jack can put down the food, put the puppy in a sit / stay / wait, release him calmly. But if Jack walks out of the room and walks back in, the puppy then decides to growl at him.

We did make some progress today. Fed Jet his breakfast this morning a handful at a time, and made him sit/stay/wait for release before every bite.

Bought a couple of "thinking" toys earlier today and split up his meals into those this afternoon, which also seems to be working (but realistically, it is just one day!)

I am glad that we have quickly found some workarounds, but would really like to understand the aggression if fed out of a traditional bowl with a person / people who have fed him regularly for months with no issue.

Is testosterone REALLY an issue in a neutered male when they hit the age in which they would start to come into their own, if uncut??
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