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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
Yah here you only see pups at stores and other places if they are service dogs, but other than that nop, my boy friend takes bestia sometimes, but thats because he works in a very small office where the owners bring their dog all the time hopefully things change in the future and I can bring them to more places, or I shall open my own business and then is all fixed.

N thinks I am crazy sometimes because I am always making sure the have regular poops lol a common question around my house is did he poop?
He is a small dog and you don't want him having lose stool or diarrhea for too long he can lose fluid very fast and that is not good. So it a good idea toknow how his poop look. I was a health aide and had to check my clients stools so I think nothing of checking my dog poop .
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