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Vets outside Canada (Puerto Vallarta)

Little cow Etienne Jr. (kitten) will be going to live to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) with my brother and his GF who just came back from Finland. At the moment the little cow has a fungal infection some ringworm spots made their appearance on his face and 1 paw. He's already on treatment but considering these things can last up to 2 months and how a touristic place is bound do have at least a few options better than this city I'm staying at (vet service is very basic in this town) and knowing that there are many Canadians and Americans that either live there full time or by seasons I was wondering if anyone here knows or know someno that knows a good vet over there to take over and heck! Improve his treatment and afterwards have a vet to go with for regular check ups and necessary stuff.
I would appreciate the info BIG TIME! Thank you!
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