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The rescue seems to be following an old protocol which would see vaccinations at three week intervals starting at 6 weeks, and giving four sets of vaccinations with the rabies at the last one.

Newer protocol is three sets at four week intervals starting just before or at 8 weeks. Rabies still at the last. Actually, the rescue seems to be merging the two, I'd ask about that.

Many of us now routinely separate what vaccinations we can so as not to overwhelm a puppy with a whole lot at once. This often means we can only separate the rabies and do it later by at least a couple of weeks.

Do you have your own Vet? Did you ask there? Sounds like the deed is done now and no point in worrying about it. But you could still follow up with what the protocol will be in the future when his one year boosters are due. Yep, Dr. Jean Dodds protocol is a good compromise between the old and no vaccinations, other than rabies which is required by law, most places in N. America. Or you could investigate titres.

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