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Mr. Surprise

so my daughter as I've said before, rescues guinea pigs, normally she rehomes them but once in awhile she keeps them, she lost two this year (old age) and only had one old male, almost 8 yrs which is very very old for a guinea pig, so august 12th she gets a call from a woman getting rid of a 5 month old and would she take it and find it a home or she was taking it to the bush and releasing it, Angie (daughter) took it, her son named it baby...she's a cutie, yesterday we go over and her bf says to her "when were you going to tell me?" we were stumped...he pointed at the cage, we went to look in at her and lifted up her "igloo" and low and behold, a two day old baby *LOL* no one knew she was pregnant!! she must have been about 2 weeks when they got her and the owner only had her a week so it had to have happened at the pet store where she was purchased. my god its a sweetie, so being the daughter is preggers and the baby as far as we can tell is a male it needs its own cage in 3 weeks, the male is too old to have a baby put in with him and I don't want daughter to take on more cage cleaning so its possible "baby's baby" will be coming to stay at grama's...I'm thinking of the name PB for peanut butter*L* what do you guys think???

3 days old (we think)

"mom and baby"behind his ears is all black
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