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I've had to move my cats' litter boxes a couple times, I never really encounter any serious problems. The way I went about it was - I always made sure I did it when I could be home for a long time with them (i.e. weekend). I would continuously show them where it was. Both of my cats are like my shadow so I made sure I walked in and out of the room that now had the litter boxes so they would become more familar with that room.

I think the more relaxed they feel with going into the room that now has their litter boxes the more likely they will go there when they have to "go".

I did notice one time I had their boxes near the furnace and when the furnace first started up they were both very startled by the sound, as they weren't normally in the furnace room very much.

The cats always watched me when I moved their boxes also, I'm not sure if that helped them or not. Also, I would put them in the boxes after I had moved the boxes, like when they were kittens...I didn't just show them the boxes.

Hope this helps.

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