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Just wanted to add to Lucky's post re cammed food. Canned is actually better for kitties. I refer to my cat's dry food as her "junk" food - sort of like her version of going to MacD, lol I do know it supposedly contains some of the nutrients she needs as a growing kitten BUT it is the canned food which is much better for her and which of course helps her in her water intake - given that cats are not known for going out of their way to drink water. And cats can be prone to uti's so NEED water any way they can get it. Mine are no different and Siamese of course are lactose inrolerant. I can't believe I thought I was helping my cats when I was a teenager and gave them milk. Amazingly, they survived my lack of knowledge!!

But you should introduce her to canned food. While I am not one of those cat food snobs who abhors dry food, I do understand why some cats will eat it - tho it is not always appealing. Mine eat Wellness stuff- and when YY arrived, she was on Hills Science.

Dry food is also less easily digestible than other types of cat food. It is claimed to help tartar but actually regyalr brushing is far better! Some people actually believe amazingly that all they need to do is feed their cat dry food and they control tartar (poor kitties!!!)

As one well known writer asserts: "Although many people rely on dry cat food as a staple for their cats' diets, canned cat food is a must for developing strong bones and muscles, while mitigating many potential conditions caused or contributed to by an all-dry cat food diet. It's true that dry cat food is convenient; it doesn't spoil rapidly, and most cats like the "crunch" of eating dry kibbles. However, dry cat food has its definite "downside." Cats who eat a diet of only dry food are losing out on the extra nutrition they can get with canned cat food. Many commercial dry foods are packed with carbohydrate fillers, usually corn, listed as "corn meal," "ground whole corn," "corn gluten," or even more thinly disguised as "maize," "ground yellow maize" or other misleading names."

In the wild, a cat will eat only a very small quantity of any grain, namely the stomach contents of mice, rabbits, or birds he catches. Why then, should a pampered household cat eat a diet that is loaded with the one food nutrient he really doesn't need? Although french fries and Twinkies might be tasty treats on occasion, what human would consider living on them day in and day out, much less feed them to their children as a regular diet. Why then, would we do less for our cats? "

Hence, even tho mt YY and my fosters have dry food available to them troughout the day, they themselves much prefer canned food and seek it and seem to know it is the junk food category and eat it every now and then. They are actually better than I am - I eat at MacD at least twice a month!!!! lol

Speaking of pet food in gereral, I just read this was scary:

I read that Wellness (and there are other barnds too) are fit for human consumption so that is how I judge what I feed YY. She does, however, appear to like Fancy Feast and I give her that rarely. She also like chicken hearts which is her treat food. Once a carnivore...

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