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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
My friends dog didn't either, until one day she went home for lunch to let her dogs out and ........, well you can imagine what she discovered

Could chemicals from what he chews be causing some of his health issues? As well, if it doesn't pass through the digestive system quickly, then the immune system could be kicking in causing havoc .
Well, from what they have told us, he has Eosinophillic Syndrome (which the specialist said is pretty much the equivalent of Lupus in a person). He was born with it, and now they are seriously considering the fact that the immunizations he got just escalated everything and completely screwed up his immune system, and most likely, now, has Vaccinosis as well. The holistic vet said it added fuel to the fire and that he never should have had any vaccines after the first seizure. But he did... they gave him a combo and rabies in the same day, which apparently is a big "no no", as well as dewormers (heart worms) and a seizure occurred the following day after 5 1/2 weeks of doing great. .

The only things he's eaten are the socks and dog toys. I would *hope* there are no harmful chemicals in the toys, but I guess you never know. He's not a "chewer" at all. He just eats whatever he can fit in his little mouth. As for the furniture, I'm not too worried about it. Even though we don't watch him 24/7, we are there with him, in the same room, when he isn't at daycare. He's never left alone because if he seizures, he could die from 1) lack of oxygen 2) Aspiration and Pulmonary Edema (which happened with a seizure in the summer). Hubby and I go out once a month for a "date night" and MIL watches the monster. Otherwise, when he's at home, he's with us

I guess the reason he's finally passing everything now is because he was so anemic from the drugs that his digestive system wasn't working properly. Once he had the blood transfusion Saturday night, it kicked his digestive system into high gear and now it's pushing everything through. The vet said she wouldn't be surprised if some of it has been in his little gut for months
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