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Nookie had his follow-up visit today. Our vet did more blood work. His RBC went from 8.8% on Saturday evening to 14% today! Hubby asked if that was because of the transfusion and the vet said no, it was because he is generating red blood cells "like mad"

They will be doing another blood test on Friday and sending it off to the lab. They are going to check for something (can't remember what she called it) to see if the blood cells are actually maturing. They also did an ultrasound on his chest/stomach to check for free floating fluids to make sure he isn't losing blood into his chest cavity or abdomen and all looks well. His organs and everything inside all look normal except for 1 adrenal gland but they think it's because of the pred and weren't too concerned about it. We are stopping the Azathioprine and dropping the pred to 5mg daily and praying he doesn't have a seizure. All in all, he's doing very well today!! His appetite is back, he's being silly, though a bit lethargic which is to be expected at only 14% RBC. Our vet said most dogs would be dead at 13%. Everyone at the clinic was absolutely amazed he made it through the weekend, including our vet. He's such a little fighter
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