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IT was that look

It was the look. two years ago, a few months after Gimpy ,a liitle 3 legged kit I inherited passed away.

I met a woman named Leslie who runs Here Kitty Kitty.

She allowed me inside her cattery,OH my so many cats!!

After playing around and getting rubs all over, I notiiced this one pretty calico laying in an open crate just,watching us.

After she told me astreya's tale which was horrific to say the least.
I went over with a treat in my hand, layed it halfway to me a few feet away and talaked to Leslie

After a while she came out and grabbed the treat and ran back to where she was.

A Few days later I went back and she would still give that look, and one day she was suddenly by my feet,not scared, but well like she was waiting or...judging.

I now knew she was the one. It was the look I have grown to know and it never fails to fill me with wonder.

I have never kept a shy,scared kitty before,and the first 2 months were spent laying on the floor next to my bed reading to her
Then she apperead at the bedroom door one night with that look.

My Quiet DU, you never complain, you just wait patiently for me. You appear by my side and look at me, and I melt.

My brave pretty girl, you are sleeping beside me even as I type this. If I call your name or reach down to touch you, I know you will start to purr.
So softly that you really, really. really have to listen. You have to be quiet in yourself.

I am certain now that we have met in other lifes, and if the Lord Buddah allows,we will meet again after this journey is over.

I have kept cats and dogs and etc etc all my life, but this has been the most profundly satisfying and moving experiance I have ever had with an animal.

Thank you Leslie.

Thank you esp Maria my Sweetheart and another brave girrrlll. I know you wanted a friendly Kit to play with < but you have grown to love DU as much or maybe more than me.
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