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I am a new user with a good question

We have had a real problem. In my neighborhood th dogs have been getting very sick. So far it has affected 5 adult dogs, and 7 puppies. One adult, and the puppies are mine. What ever it is, it hits them fast and hard. The first symptoms started on Thursday[ 5 days ago]. First they loose their appetite. Then they loose weight very fast, and get very weak. Next comes the thirst. All dogs began drinking nonstop. Also, they all hung their tongues out. They would drool a thick, clear slime. In the 5 days since it showed up, 1 adult and 5 of the 7 puppies are dead. The rest are all getting better. Does anyone know what this could be? There are cats, goats, poultry, and a llama in the immediate area. None of them are sick.
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