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Oh.........she is innocent, she just takes your breath away!!!

You are so very lucky to have her.

Originally Posted by sophie13 View Post
...Maybe I'll give it a call if I have some questions to ask.
You DO have a question to ask !!!!

Here: "Is there a Vet who ONLY examines CATS ?"......or: "Who is the best CAT VETERINARIAN ?"

At least, that's what I think.....I mean, "gum inflammation can be a sign of kidney problems"....well....that is waaaay down ton the list of possibilities, especially because she is so young.....unless, she was exposed to some toxin.

Here is some good information, a place to start understanding what might be happening: Cat Drooling - Causes

So, watch her carefully. If she ever stops eating or only eats a little, you will have to act quickly....cats can get a serious liver disease if they don't eat enough.

Keep us posted !
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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