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Hi again, sophie13 !

I'm happy that your kitty seems to be back to normal !

I do not understand why they think she has kidney problems. Kidney problems are ONLY diagnosed by blood tests and urine tests. Did they test her ?

It is strange for a 1 1/2 year old cat to have kidney problems unless the cat eats or drinks something toxic. A defect in her kidneys? Again, unusual.

Watch her carefully: her eating, drinking, urine, faeces, activity level, strange behaviour.....look for anything unusual.

Can you find a Vet who ONLY treats cats - a specialized Vet ?

I tried with luck. But, maybe you can ask people who work with/for animals.....maybe a rescue organization or a shelter. Here's one place I found: Perhaps they know of a cat-only Vet.

Post back if there are changes - this section is for kittens, so the best forum to use is here:

What's her name? Do you have any pictures of her ?
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