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I'm so glad to hear she recovered her eye sight, that's wonderful! Our monster would do weird things too. He didn't walk in circles but he would growl and bite his tail, then hold onto it biting and growling while going in circles, almost chasing it, except he would have a hold on it the entire time.
He would also shake his head alot. Since we've lowered it again (he went from 60mg a day to 10mg a day now) he has been acting a little weird, like biting at his tail again, but not chasing it. He's also starting to shake his head a lot more. I think we may have to increase his dose again for awhile.

Our specialist did say that most of the dogs she has treated have recovered fully after 6-8 months, the longest straight dose (without being on it for life) was 2 years. She also said some dogs will be ok after the 6-8 months, then a year or 2, sometimes even longer, they will start having seizures again and have to go back on for several months. I guess we will just have to wait and see which kind of dog he is, though I'm sure I already know. Nothing with him is ever easy lol.
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