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Originally Posted by totallyhip View Post
Lupus in animals is different than Lupus in humans. When I first thought it was Lupus I panicked and thought the worst. My vet's advice was "stay away from the internet and just call me we can talk about it" He said people tend to jump to the worst conclusions first
OOPS already messed up the best advise of staying away from the internet..
okay.. sooo heres my story.. My poor Rocky.. ten going on elven, had redness and sometimes bleeding around his nose.. white face, wheres a muzzle. ofcourse I thought it was an irritiation from the muzzle cuz hes had so many, this has gone on for months though with the nose but every time I go to take him to the vet, he starts to heal.. I had never heard of this lupas til yesterday, PawsWay had a free vet... showed it to him.. he thinks Lupas.. the not so scary kind..!!!!
BUT he also thinks Rock should have a biopsy.. my vet doesn't take payments. and I don't have the cash or credit..

what if I do the older dog blood work which it s time for anyways and ask them to treat him for the benign lupas which I now believe he has.. of course, thats assuming they concur with the first vet.. cuz how will an expensive and uncomfortable biopsy help him since it would only indicate REALLY BAD DISEASE which I cannot treat financially and dont know about morally either.. and I don't think.. I PRAY he doesn't have. Does this make any sense.. I tend to ramble when I'm completely freaked out about my boys health!
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