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Seizures and Forebrain Brain Tumor

We have a nineteen year old cat, who's been rather healthy for most of his life, outside of some issues with his teeth. Two years ago, he was diagnosed as being in the early states of kidney failure. He is part Siamese, and for as long as I can remember, his eyes have always darted back and forth at a rapid rate.

A few months ago, he had what we believe to be his first seizure. We took him to the vet, who suggested looking for any more. His blood work shows that his kidney disease has not progressed in two years, but he does now have a heart murmur.

No new seizures, until late this week. And he's had one on Thursday, two on Friday (one VERY severe), and two today. He's seen the vet twice. Today, the vet injected him with Valium.

I was hoping that it wasn't related to a brain tumor but looking online he does have some of the symptoms of a forebrain tumor. He paces around, and walks in circles. He doesn't seem in pain though.

I've read conflicting reports on how this can be treated. Will the medicine help? I'm concerned that, with a heart murmur, he won't be able to survive too many more tumors. Does anyone have any info to share?

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