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I was skeptical about this concept until I personally was involved in searching for a lost dog years ago. The dog was involved in a car accident. He took off in the woods and could not be tracked. The owner was having brain surgery so we could not get any details regarding the accident.
Long story short, a friend contacted a communicator who said the dog was alive, injury to front foot, near a farm, however would move shortly where the dog would find himself in a building with shavings as bedding. He was being fed, but this would not be for long.
We continued to search for 2 weeks and nothing was found. No tracks, no barn. We also visited this horrible animal control that gasses animals every 2 days, we left a photo and discription. Nothing.
As we were giving into the thought that he was gone forever, we decided to take the very last day to search. Before we searched the woods yet once again, we decided to stop off at the pound on day 3. My friend remained outside as seeing all those animals needing out (which would never leave sadly) took a toll on her. I went in, and there he was. Lying in shaving bedding, injured front paw and on his last day.

Another friend of mine adopted a dog from me and this dog was a mental mess. She got an animal communicator to find out what the dog had to say. Amazing story, and the whereabouts of where the dog was found, was exactly where the dog was picked up. His story was very disturbing. He was able to communicate what he needed, it was provided and his whole attitude changed from there on.

I am now a believer. If I did not hear and see with my own eyes, I would be on the other side of the fence. I think anything is worth the try if you open your mind to it.

Good luck.
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