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Yes, look for a behaviorist with credentials. The same as you would when looking for an obedience trainer. I have found the best place to find a good behaviorist is asking at rescue groups or SPCAs as these people often work with behaviorists to help re-home dogs. Be sure to find one that is recommended for LARGE dogs, that will cut out a bunch of yahoos to begin with.

Some simple questions that can help you weed out inexperienced behaviorists:

1. Where did you receive your training?
2. How have you gained experience?
3. Are you comfortable working with aggression?
4. Are you comfortable working with giant breeds?
5A. Have you even been bitten?
5B. Why were you bitten?
6. Do you offer a free consultation?

You may choose not to use question 5, but I like question 5 because most experienced behaviorists have made a mistake and been bitten at some point, and if they are a good, honest, confident person they will be willing to share this with you.

Question 6, most good behaviorists will offer a free consultation.

I know a great behaviorist just west of Edmonton, but that is quite a drive for you.
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