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Ok so Im ok with getting help but I am not ok with that person getting hurt. And though they may be trained for his kind of behavior Im not willing to take that risk. I'll give a little more background on him so you all dont think im totally insane!! We got him about six months ago and at first he was really great! The old owners split up and gave him away for free because they couldnt keep him. They say he NEVER showed this kind of aggression with people before but who really know... I myself took dog obediance training a awhole ago so I know what to look for in body language and demeanor. The wierd thing about him is whenever any of my nieces (i have 8) come out he not aggressive to them at all. Its only adults (and usually women) that he is not fond of. Thus far my practice has been to get outside when people show up and play with him to try to keep him distracted and show him that neither I nor my children (i have 4) are in any danger. I make EVERYONE who comes here introduce thenselves from afar and use his name until his aggressive posture is gone. We live on an acreage and have been forced to tie him up because he wont stay hjome which makes it easier to introduce him and hold him back if need be. I worry that being tied is only going to make him more aggressive. I walk him at least 5 times a day around our perimeter to show him where he is allowed and I use treats when he does the trip without any pulling or trying to get through fences. I am not afraid of getting bit or getting in his face to let him know I am the pack leader so I would rather try to fix his issues myself. At least to the point that I can be comfortable taking him to someone who can further his training. Even my vet is to scared to give him his vaccs. I need to calm his anger and confusion before taking him anywhere!!
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