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I use any of the suggestions above depending on the dog and the situation, including the Zukes. However, check the price per pound of any store bought treat and then compare to a cheap cut of beef or pork. Outside round was $1.66/pound, C$, a few months ago and I bought the smallest roast I could, which was 15 lbs. Cooked it up, cut it into little bits and still have several freezer bags left. No preservatives or additives, just pure beef. It was surprisingly good too, we ate a bit ourselves. As someone else said, I found chicken crumbles too easily. I use the roast beef frozen, it thaws quickly enough in my treat pack and I put unused bits back in the freezer, until they get too grungy. In my cost comparison I did not include the cost of cooking. I now find myself very attractive to the neighbourhood dogs.
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