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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
How did the vet appt go today?
Whew! What a busy day we've had so far.
Ok so the appointment went really well, the vet took cultures to have sent away for testing (cost a small fortune, but he's worth it).
He then gave me an ear wash probiotic solution, he was given three injections, one for pain relief, two with antibiotics and anti~inflammatory.
He also gave us two types of oral medications and more Surolan drops.
This is the treatment he suggests until we get the culture results back.
We have also booked an appt for Kato, to go in after we move to have his ears surgically cleaned, and by then we will have the results of the cultures and can plan a preventitive treatment and or a management treatment.

The sad part of the whole appt, was the vet and I did the wash and moments later my sweet boy was slamming his head into the wall, and I mean slamming. He put his head to the floor and ran himself head first into the wall and then just sat there swinging and banging his head. I burst into tears, I have never seen him look so desperate:sad:

When I got home I applied the drops, gave him his oral meds, and shortly thereafter he was laying in the hall, with a look of relief on his face. This is the calmest I have seen him in days.

I'm not sure how long it will take to get the cultures back, he said they will be sent to some place in Saskatchewan.

I just hope they come back soon, so we know exactly what it is we are dealing with, and can develop a more concrete plan.

Btw, just as I had figured, the vet wasn't too enthusiastic about the coconut oil, but after he has his surgery and finished any meds, I am going to take him to a homeopathic vet and see what they can offer, it can't hurt to look into it.
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