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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
Yes, it is very bad for the joints and cartiledge. Dr. Marsden was extremely surprised that they chose Baytril for him, she was upset. He already has severe joint/muscle/ligament damage and siezures... the 2 main cautions when prescribing

Now if Baytril was the only choice, then I could see maybe the benefit outweighing the risk. But at this point we don't even have the results of the culture/sensitivity back yet.

How is Timber today?
Timber is doing well. You wouldn't believe how much fur I combed out yesterday and I also decided to give her a bath because there was so much dry skin. I am paying close attention after what you said about the thyroid. It appears that there are new guard hairs coming in under everything I've been combing out so hopefully it is just a seasonal blowing of her coat. It is supposed to get mild here for the next week so maybe she is just in an early spring shedding phase.

Her back legs tremble a lot on walks and even when she is lying down at home. Not sure if that is from her previous spinal arthritis or what is going on. Because she was so sick there may also be some residual effects from the anaplasmosis according to the California Dr. who studies tick diseases.

Thanks for asking considering you are having all these extra problems with your guy. I'm sorry I have no advice on the eye problem. I looked at the pictures of Nanook you posted and it looks so irritated. I hope the drops get it under control.

Have a good weekend!
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