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Giving Rawhide to your dogs

When it come to giving rawhide, bones, KONG, Nylabones, or an other chew toy to your dog, I think it all depends on a couple of things.
What your dog is like?
How old your dog is?
And if the dog is supervised, or not?

I have an Aussie-Doodle named Jersey who is a very agressive chewer, and I have found what works best for him, when he is in his kennel is plain old rawhide.
I have given him a KONG, and Nylabones in the past, only to come home and find out that he has eaten them.

Jersey has never choked or been sick from eating rawhide, but he has been sick from eat KONGS, and Nylabones.

KONG, Nyla-bones are nice toys but Are Not Digestible.

Althought Rawhides maybe not be for every dog, I will not take the chance of giving Jersey anything that is not digestible if no one is home to supervise him.
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