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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Lucky Rescue was talking about Milk-Weed to attract BF but it is a weed and naturally I cannot find any at the nurseries,but I'd love to plant some.
Milkweed is extremely poisonous. If you touch the leaves or the white milk in the stem, you must wash your hands.

Toxicity. Dosages of milkweed may cause toxicosis and, possibly, death. Cattle, sheep and horses are most susceptible. Toxicity is not lost when the plant is dried. Therefore, contaminated hay is potentially toxic.

Clinical signs include profuse salivation, incoordination, violent seizures, bloating in ruminants and colic in horses. Early signs are followed by bradycardia or tachycardia, arrhythmias, hypotension and hypothermia. Death may occur from 1-3 days after ingestion of the milkweed.

It only attracts monarch butterflies, and only if they were born in that spot, as they return generations later to the same spot to lay more eggs.

Last spring, my son brought home a leaf with a monarch caterpillar on it. He found it by a lake, every day we went back to get another fresh leaf for the caterpillar. The bush was crawling with caterpillars. We were lucky enough to see the caterpillar change into a chrysalis later and let the butterfly go two weeks later.

I wouldn't plant it in your yard.
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