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I am not sure where anyone said to put RK's dog in a shelter,most people here are very much aware of what goes on in shelters and do not wish to see any cat/dog go that route,but many times it's a necessary solution for abused and neglected animals and to give shelters some credit,they have many times been instrumental in closing down puppy-mills,dog-fighting etc..
There are good shelters and there are bad.
As for cats having kittens,no,I would love to have the opportunity to see the"miracle"of birth and how mama cat takes care of her kittens,but common sense and an overpopulation of unwanted,miserable cats tells me spaying/neutering is an absolute must.
We all consider ourselves good pet-owners,maybe we don't always do things right,but I for one know my cats could not have a better life and the thought of cats facing the outdoor elements,hot and cold 24/7 all year around,is not an ideal situation but that's only my humble opinion.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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