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OK... for the record here, I only posted on this site because I felt the need to. This site got really nasty long before any of us got here and that is the reason most of us posted. I don't know RK... only from another MB, but I did find this posting offensive, rude and misinformed. I think that the issue here it not that any of us "horse" people think there is anything wrong with keeping animals indoors as long their needs are met, some of us have indoor, some have outdoor pets... what our issue is that most of the people here think that any outdoor pet is being neglected or abused... and I'm sorry but as a person who has owned barn cats and outdoor dogs... I find that offensive!

None of the posts from the horsey set were trying to change your mind and have you put your animals outside.... we just want you to realize that there are other "right" ways to care for animals than YOUR way.

The main reason I posted here was because of the post telling RK to give her dog to a shelter because it was cruel to keep a dog outside... I've been to shelters and worked there... it is not a happy place especially on the day they need to put down a perfectly healthy dog because there is no room... the old fat PB (tattooed) little hound dog is there for a week with no one looking for him (likely because he couldn't hold his bladder)... I cried almost every day on the way home.... and to think that some of you "animals lovers" would rather see these dogs destroyed than find a loving responsible outdoor home makes me SICK!

No one disputed the fact that some people are sick and shouldn't own animals... but just as many abused, neglected animals come from indoor homes, as outdoor homes.... and most feral cats and feral dogs are from indoor or city homes that thought it would be a good idea to release fluffy back to the wild when they were done playing with it, it got too big or peed on the floor...

Pets are a life time commitment and a part of the family... we all think this... so don't try to talk down to us because you think you are the only one who is right... I think we are all right... what I don't like is that most people here are so judgemental and closed minded.

Oh and I would have no problem having this conversation face to face either... I don't need to hide behind a keyboard and I am this outspoken in public.