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Originally Posted by chico2
I was wondering where all these people came from all of a sudden and suspected something like this
I am not sure anymore what RK's original question was all about,I think it had to do with her cat having kittens under a piece of sheet-metal,which to me sounded brutal,not even in a barn,but outside in the cold.
Where were all her knowledgable friends when she needed help,why did she have to turn to the Internet
Once again... Can you determine without a doubt, that your cat is going to have it's kittens where you want them?(I know you probably don't have a pregnant cat, unless it's a rescue, but let's say you did...)
I guessed that's where she was planning on having them by her going there a lot. I did not force her to go there. She had full run of the barn and hay loft. I thought she would have chosen a nice warm place in there.. But it was not to be... BUT!!!!
Before THIS thread ever started, I had explained the whole situation and birth to everyone.... I had brought her into my sunroom to have most of the kittens! Is that brutal to you? Is it brutal that I was up at 1am checking on her because I WANTED her to be okay?? Is it brutal that I stayed with her the rest of the night(morning) and even saved the last little one?
I can't choose where she wants to have her kittens for her. I can however help to the best of my ability, which in my eyes, is what I did!!!