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Personally I'm just disappointed with this thread in it's entirity. Not excluding any of the participants. City people condemning country people, country people condemning city people. So much faesces slinging here, you'd think it was a god damned monkey cage at the zoo.
Nice start with a cat sucking on an earlobe, and it deteriorates into an all out war with cliques being formed and too much negative energy. Tell ya what. Everyone find their favourite damn pet and either get it to suck on your earlobe or you suck on it's ear and if it has a lobe, focus on that.
I don't give a damn if you are in the country or the city. I don't care if you work in a shelter, or if your dog spends the night in a dog house.
Everyone smoke em if you got em, get a glass of water, or do whatever you have to do to relax.
Myself, I'm on my fourth beer and watching the Maple Loafs get their asses kicked.