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Just a couple more things. There are certain medications you should avoid also, and you would be surprised at the amount of vets that don't know them. A lot of vets have never had to deal with issues like the ones we are going through. A couple of the drugs to avoid are any flea/tick medications and certain antibiotics like Baytril and any others in the fluoroquinolone "family". Some antibiotics can actually cause seizures, while others just lower the seizure threshold. Also, Convenia is one to avoid whether there is already seizure activity or not. It's caused many deaths in both dogs and cats. It's a shot that a lot of vets swear by for a few reasons such as not having to "pill" the pet, not causing the tummy upset and long lasting, which is also the problem. It's an injection that stays in the bloodstream for over 60 days. If the animal has a reaction, there is nothing to counter it and they can die. The only treatment is to treat the symptoms and hope the pet will recover. It's bad news. Ok, done!
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