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Originally Posted by ChucklesBay View Post
I am hoping this old thread will be read. I am wondering about the success of Dr. Dodds' vaccinosis protocol. Nookie's case seemed severe. My 18 week puppy has a severe thing going on that Dr. Dodds thinks is vaccinosis. We started the protocol only to have my puppy relapse as he was being tapered off the prednisone. We just upped the prednisone again and will be trying tapering later on....
Hi ChucklesBay, and welcome to the forum! I'm sorry it's under these circumstances. Although the thread is old, I'm still around

Dr. Dodds had diagnosed Nookie with Vaccinosis just from his medical records and had referred us to a holistic vet named Steve Marsden. He's located in Edmonton, AB and I can't say enough wonderful things about him. We didn't actually follow the Vaccinosis protocol. Dr. Steve is very experienced and travels to lecture and teach along with Dr. Dodds. He felt that there was definitely vaccinosis, but it had been too long since the vaccines to start the protocol/detox. Dr. Steve practices TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Homeopathy and is a human and animal Naturopath. I was extremely skeptical, thinking if medicine couldn't help Nookie (and was, in fact, killing him), how could anything help? But it did. Nookie was about 8 months old by the time we got to Dr. Steve and everyone had told us we wouldn't have him much longer, that he wasn't going to see his first birthday. Our sweet baby turned 3 on Feb. 26

He still has many issues, and always will, includng grand mal seizures. But for the most part, he is a happy boy, and much more "normal" than we ever thought possible. So there is definitely hope! What are some of the symptoms/issues your pup is having? And as for the relapse, Nookie had several relapses when tapering the Pred off. I won't really go in to much detail right now, but if you respond, and would like more info, or would like to chat, let me know. I'll be sure and check back. Until then, good luck to you all and give your sweet baby a gentle hug for me
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