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My baby passed away earlier today. Everything seems better until this afternoon. I tried to make it home from work on time, but he passed maybe 10 minutes before I got there. My husband was with him until his last breath, and he swears that I was better off not witnessing his passing. Not that it was horrible or anything, but you know, seeing your loved ones last gasps for air is... difficult. My husband is quite shaken by it still.

It hurts that we couldn't help him, and that we will never know what he had. It seriously looked like... Feline ALS. Is that even possible? He was great a month ago, started having trouble chewing his food, was not always achieving his high jumps, lost the weight from eating less, was sleeping more. We tried antibiotics for 10 days, he started having trouble walking. Last Thursday we started a new set of antibiotics and cortisone and he started eating and drinking again, but the walking was getting worst, falling and just a lot of trouble controlling his back legs, and today... he didn't get up to use the litter... started breathing with his mouth, and drooled. My husband laid him on his favourite blanket and there my baby took his last breath, looking into his best buddy's eyes, and surrounded with love. I arrived from work on quite a sad scene, and I am heartbroken that my funny and silly sweet boy went through this, and that my husband lived this horrible moment alone.

OK, sorry for the dramatic message. I am very sad still.

Thank you all for the support and tips and suggestions, if it didn't help my cat, it helped me understand how to help him better.

Thanks again Here are pictures of him at his best, cuteness, attitude and all!
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