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Originally Posted by Christine79 View Post

The vet had the usual blood work that looks for diabetes and kidney problems, everything is normal... Also Leukemia and FIV, I will have the results today. The next step are x-rays.

Diablo eats Low protein vet food. I switched to that food when Bosco was diagnose with Kidney problems, the vet said it was no problem for Diablo to switch to that too since he was overweight, that's nearly 3 years ago.

He is an indoor cat, the most he has been outside is on my 3rd floor balcony with no access to meeting strange cats.

Yesterday he actually went to his bowl and ate a little. It looks very difficult to eat. I know he has a desire to eat, but something isn't right. He always had perfect teeth, and my vet doesn't see an abscess or anything wrong.

He hasn't groomed himself in 3 days. The milk gave him diarrhea, dark goo like molasses.

Poor thing. He looks miserable.

Thank you so much for the foods suggestions, I will try everything, he is very picky already (never liked canned food) so I hope I don't have to start "force" feeding him.

I'll keep you updated!
Could there something stuck in his gums or throat that making it painful to eat ? Has he vomit after eating any food? Have you tried salt free baby food and you could add some water to it so it would easier to eat.
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