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My cat's mystery illness...

Hello all,

For the last 2 months, my tiger tabby Diablo, 6 1/2 years old, (I know, evil name... he was an evil kitten that grew into the sweetest cat, we have to find him a new name!) lost a lot of weight.

He had a clean bill of health on his annual vet visit last April 2013. A bit over weight at 17.1 lbs, but great otherwise.

Since then, it looks like he melted away. Now at 14 lbs and very weak after less than 2 months. For the last 2 weeks we have seen 2 different vets, done blood tests, and he is healthy on paper, they have no clue what is wrong with him. One vet tried antibiotics for 10 days, but he still has a fever today.

He was eating right up until this weekend, and drinking. Regular bathroom visits. He doesn't go outside.

He will not eat or drink. Still goes for milk though. The only thing wrong is that he has a fever, which indicates that he has some kind of infection, but both vets are clueless on what it could be.

Today one of the vet is trying tests for Leukemia and HIV, but really where could he have gotten that??

Did that ever happen to anyone? He used to be be so alive and funny just 2 months ago, now he sleeps all day. It's heartbreaking.

If anyone has inputs, please share, I will consider anything at this point!

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