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Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
yes they're saliva is considered unclean, but thats what soap and sand are for.
Edited to add this paragraph: Sew-sew-steve, even though the quote was from you, please do not think my statements below are in any way aimed at you or intended for you. It's just a general statement.

The human mouth (and saliva) is far more unclean than a dogs.

My husband and I can't have children, so we have pets... and my oldest boy has gotten me through some very tough times, emotionally. I can't imagine being without him.
I understand people have different religions/beliefs, and that's fine. I don't push mine on anyone or talk down/judge anyone I don't agree with, but one thing that does bother me is you hear people saying we need to be "tolerant" to Muslim (and all other) beliefs. I say "fine", but it goes both ways. When all you ever hear in the Muslim communities (both North American and abroad) is how "western ways" and "western lifestyle" are evil and immoral (yet alot of them have no problem benefiting from the freedoms here) it becomes harder and harder to remain tolerant.

This Fatwa against dogs is just unimaginable to me. Even though the Fatwa is not intended to harm or injure animals, there will always be the extremists who take it that step further. What's to happen to these poor dogs when that happens? Keep the Fatwa in the originating country and pray those animals will have someone caring who will look out for them because it won't be tolerated here.

Just my

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